Thursday, 7 March 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

Its a lot easier to write this post than it was last week! For a start the sun came out! It was sooo nice, we did some gardening, went to Wisley and had the back door open all afternoon so toddler penguin could go in and out as he pleased!  I even hung some washing outdoors. Roll on spring!

At the weekend we visited friends and ended up at the seafront in Southend. Who knew such a simple day out would be so much fun! We took the scooters out along with seafront, threw pebbles into the sea, put 2p's into the slot machines and even had a few goes on the rides! So much fun had by all doing a typical British activity.

I started my childminding course over the weekend and loved every minute of it, I can't wait till I'm registered! Also papa penguin decided that he couldn't bare leaving the house with two kids on his own (his first time looking after them both by himself) so he took the opportunity to potty train toddler penguin.  Its going so well and I even ventured out to playgroups with him in his nappies!  We are saving a fortune! He had an accident at nursery today but I think thats down to a distraction from all the toys.

Now come on sunshine where did you go?


  1. Yay for the seaside!! We loveeee 2p machine, hehe. They're so addictive though. Glad you had a nice time =]
    Lovely reasons to be cheerful. x

  2. Oh I wish I lived close to the sea!! And how exciting about your childminding course. Lovely reasons xx

  3. sounds like you've had a fab week, isn't it amazing how much better you feel when the sun comes out :-)

  4. Wow! Looks like things are very wonderful in your world right now. Here's to the good old British seaside.

  5. Your Southend day sounds just perfect to me, great family time. Mich x

  6. I haven't played on 2p machines in yeaaaaarrrs! We used to holiday near Great Yarmouth a lot when I was younger so we were always in the arcades! Good luck with the potty training, getting distracted by toys/friends & having an accident is quite common (I get it all the time at work!) speak to the Nursery staff about his potty training & ask them to take him toilet regularly, that normally helps. :)