Thursday, 28 March 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

Today I'm walking around the house armed with tissues and hand sanitiser gel.

Toddler penguin has a shocker cough and a runny nose. I stupidly googled symptoms and am worried he has whooping cough or scarlet fever as he has what I thought was eczema.

He is under strict instructions to stay away from baby penguin however she is also snotty. Surprisingly it hasn't affected his mood and he is still really chirpy! And luckily he is a bit OCD about the snot which means he is asking for a tissue every 3 minutes!

On a brighter penguin slept through till 4am! She is nearly 5½ months so about time. Shame toddler penguin had me up at 2am for an hour then was up at 6am :(

So what am I cheerful for? Calpol......cuddles....TV....and the large glass of wine that awaits me at the end of the day!

Oh and baby penguin rolled!


  1. i hope your little ones feels better soon xx

  2. GWS little ones, and well done baby p on the rolling! x

  3. I always google and rarely should. Hope they are better soon x

  4. Magic of calpol! Wish my 6 yo would blow his nose...

  5. Well done for finding the silver lining! Hope your little ones get better soon

  6. That's a nice photo I have one like that! Hope they're both on the mend now and i'm glad i'm not the only one with Google fingers!! x