Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wobbles Wednesday

I've not done a wobbles Wednesday for nearly a month.  However I've still been getting on the scales every few days and using myfittnesspal to log my calorie intake. For a while my weigh loss just plateaued and I put it down to breastfeeding baby penguin but having not been on the scales for a week I got on this morning and can't believe I've lost weight.

I've put my goal as being 63kg (10 stone) but I would be so happy with being 66.5kg (10.5 stone) so was so surprised that I've only 1kg to get there.  Its given me a huge kick of motivation!  I shall not be indulging in the cakes at playgroup this morning !

Original Weight  74kg (163lbs)
Goal Weight  63kg (139lbs)
Four Weeks Ago  68.1kg (150lbs)
Today's Weight67.5kg (148lbs)

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  1. Wow. Well done you. I dream/fantasise about weights like that. Treat yourself to something lovely to wear.
    Thanks for linking up

  2. well done, your doing such an amazing job! well done :-)

  3. Well done on your weight loss!! I LOVE MFP - unfortunately do not use it as much as I used to back in January but really want to give it another go. I shall start back on the app tomorrow :P

    Good luck with this next week!

    Sim @ Sim's Life xx