Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Anyone for cake?

So I've been a bit blog quiet recently :(

We had our playroom refurbished, been on holiday to Bluestone in Wales and it was toddler penguin's 3rd birthday!  Papa penguin and I teamed up and followed an online tutorial and make a gruffalo cake!

Was a layer of victoria sponge sandwiched between two layers of chocolate cake with the secret ingredient....tomato soup!  Followed this recipe and it was yummy yummy!

Check out our hard work!  I love it.  Papa penguin did all the modelling!  

Monday, 15 April 2013

Weekly Meal Plan - April 15th

Toddlers Dinners
Monday - at Granny's
Tuesday - at Granny's
Wednesday - Chicken Dippers, potato cakes and veg
Thursday - Egg and ham fried rice

Grown up Dinners
Monday - Creamy pasta with asaparagus, pancetta and peas
Tuesday - at mother in laws
Thursday - Chicken Korma and Rice
Friday - on holiday! whoop whoop

We are going away to Wales this weekend, and my stepdad is house sitting whilst revamping our playroom! Can't wait to see the results and get all of toddler penguins toys organised! 

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

Toddler penguin after two weeks is finally better!  He had a viral infection with symptons such as a very high temp, coughing, streaming nose and irritability!  I surely missed my happy little boy!  He isn't 100% as his nose is still a bit runny but we have smiles and laughter again.

Yesterday we went to Bocketts Farm and he absolutely loved it!  He fed the animals and held a lamb and took great advantage of the tractors and trampolines.  We've been out every day this week.  Making up for the fact that we were housebound last week with our only trip out being to the local gardening centre!

I went out on the town on Saturday for a friends birthday....and stayed out!  First time I've left baby penguin for that long, let alone an overnighter!  I had a fab uninterrupted nights sleep even though we didn't get home till 2am! There were a few downsides like having to pump in the toilets, then someone sitting on my bag and my precious milk going EVERYWHERE! I only had a couple of drinks so didn't think the milk would be worth wasting. Wish I hadn't bothered now as pumping in the toilets is not very glamourous! However I had a blast and as previously said, being housebound for the week before meant I did really need a break!  We even took the Thames Clipper to the club....hows that for travelling in style!

Finally....did you see it? The sun came out! We took advantage of it and got in the garden....fab results!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Weekly Meal Plan - April 8th

I'm a bit late with this as my mac ran out of memory and its taken me three days to copy all the videos of the kids to an external hard drive. I can't believe how much space they took up!

So onto this weeks meal plan....

Toddlers Dinners

Monday - Creamy Pasta with bacon and peas
Tuesday - Chipolatas, Alphabet potatoes and Veg
Wednesday - Chicken Dippers, potato cakes and veg
Thursday - Egg and ham fried rice
Friday - Eggy bread with cucumber and carrot sticks

Grown up Dinners
Tuesday - Chicken Korma and Rice
Wednesday - Salmon Risotto
Friday - Salmon Risotto leftovers
Sunday - Chicken, Leek and Bacon Pie

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

Gosh this week has been a struggle.  Further to last weeks post where I mentioned that toddler penguin had a shocker cough, it got progressively worse and that evening his temperature reached 39.9 and I was advised to go to hospital by NHS direct. He has been diagnosed with a viral infection and a week later he still has it.  His has been coughing constantly, his nose is streaming and now he has a scab on his upper lip from all the wiping with tissues....at his request. Fingers crossed he is better soon!

So highlights of the week...we went to a local duck race on Saturday, submitted our duck and then toddler penguin asked to go home, so we ended up missing the actual race.  However as I wanted to keep our duck I sent papa penguin back to get it and he managed to catch the end of the race. Sadly we didn't win but it was still good to be a part of a local event.  I even managed to find the time to make an Easter cake!

Best part of the week has to be that on Easter Monday baby penguin rolled!  We also found in a box toddler penguin's old penguin babygrow....couldn't resist putting baby penguin in it!  They will hate me when they are older!

PS loving piZap for my photo collages!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Crochet is a bit like playing the piano.....

Ok so crochet isn't really like playing the piano but for me it is.  See I can play the flute. I had lessons as a child and went up to grade 5.  I can read sheet music, but only the treble clef row. However I taught myself the piano and how to play Walking in the Air by Aled Jones. I think I'm pretty good considering I can't read the bass clef row and I've never had lessons.

Now I can knit. Same as the flute, I had lessons as a child, am fluent in knitting patterns and even got a knitting certficate when I was 10. I can crochet a chain stitch but that it is. After being inspired by the gorgeous crochet blankets that have been made for toddler penguin and baby penguin I decided I wanted one myself. So I decided to have a go. 

I took a trip through pinterest and during a visit to my mums I got her to teach me to crochet.  Ha what a joke.  I couldn't believe how hard it was but I perservered through various you tube videos and learnt how to do a granny square.  So it make look like I can crochet but in fact its just like playing the piano....I haven't got a clue what the stitches are called and I have no idea how to read a crochet pattern....but I think it looks pretty good!  I even learnt how to join as I go....watcht his space for updates!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Weekly Meal Plan - April 1st

Its very difficult to plan for toddler penguin this week as he has been so poorly.  So anything I can get down him is a bonus as he has hardly eaten since Thursday.  Tonight we were having spag bol but I knew he wouldn't be interested in it so he had fish fingers on their own and two spoons of peas.  I will take each day as it comes and hopefully he will be on the mend soon!

Grown up Dinners
Monday - Spaghetti Bolognase
Tuesday - Thai Green Chicken Curry and Rice
Wednesday - Bucatini Amatriciana
Thursday - Salmon with sticky chilli sauce and rice
Friday - Thai prawn fried rice
Saturday  - I'm out and papa penguin has requested that he eats nuggets and chips with toddler penguin
Sunday - Creamy pasta with asaparagus, pancetta and peas