Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Anyone for cake?

So I've been a bit blog quiet recently :(

We had our playroom refurbished, been on holiday to Bluestone in Wales and it was toddler penguin's 3rd birthday!  Papa penguin and I teamed up and followed an online tutorial and make a gruffalo cake!

Was a layer of victoria sponge sandwiched between two layers of chocolate cake with the secret ingredient....tomato soup!  Followed this recipe and it was yummy yummy!

Check out our hard work!  I love it.  Papa penguin did all the modelling!  


  1. I read this again and again... then didn't believe it, so clicked the recipe. And I still don't believe it! Tomato soup!!!

    Weird, crazy, unbelievable ingredients aside - The cake looks amazing, you and Daddy penguin did such a good job and Daddy Penguin's modelling is awesome!

  2. Oh YUM . well done that is really impressive. I made a fort last year for my 3 year old, was driving me loopy took me ages. You look like a pro. Love laura xxA Scottish Lass

  3. Brilliant well done -I have a Fireman Sam to do at the weekend x