Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Crochet is a bit like playing the piano.....

Ok so crochet isn't really like playing the piano but for me it is.  See I can play the flute. I had lessons as a child and went up to grade 5.  I can read sheet music, but only the treble clef row. However I taught myself the piano and how to play Walking in the Air by Aled Jones. I think I'm pretty good considering I can't read the bass clef row and I've never had lessons.

Now I can knit. Same as the flute, I had lessons as a child, am fluent in knitting patterns and even got a knitting certficate when I was 10. I can crochet a chain stitch but that it is. After being inspired by the gorgeous crochet blankets that have been made for toddler penguin and baby penguin I decided I wanted one myself. So I decided to have a go. 

I took a trip through pinterest and during a visit to my mums I got her to teach me to crochet.  Ha what a joke.  I couldn't believe how hard it was but I perservered through various you tube videos and learnt how to do a granny square.  So it make look like I can crochet but in fact its just like playing the piano....I haven't got a clue what the stitches are called and I have no idea how to read a crochet pattern....but I think it looks pretty good!  I even learnt how to join as I go....watcht his space for updates!

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