Thursday, 11 April 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

Toddler penguin after two weeks is finally better!  He had a viral infection with symptons such as a very high temp, coughing, streaming nose and irritability!  I surely missed my happy little boy!  He isn't 100% as his nose is still a bit runny but we have smiles and laughter again.

Yesterday we went to Bocketts Farm and he absolutely loved it!  He fed the animals and held a lamb and took great advantage of the tractors and trampolines.  We've been out every day this week.  Making up for the fact that we were housebound last week with our only trip out being to the local gardening centre!

I went out on the town on Saturday for a friends birthday....and stayed out!  First time I've left baby penguin for that long, let alone an overnighter!  I had a fab uninterrupted nights sleep even though we didn't get home till 2am! There were a few downsides like having to pump in the toilets, then someone sitting on my bag and my precious milk going EVERYWHERE! I only had a couple of drinks so didn't think the milk would be worth wasting. Wish I hadn't bothered now as pumping in the toilets is not very glamourous! However I had a blast and as previously said, being housebound for the week before meant I did really need a break!  We even took the Thames Clipper to the club....hows that for travelling in style!

Finally....did you see it? The sun came out! We took advantage of it and got in the garden....fab results!


  1. doesn't a night with friends just make the world a better place? Lovely reasons x

  2. As much as I love to be around my children, I do enjoy having a girly night out to let my hair down and have a good boogie xx

  3. Have a garden is great when you have kids. Its wonderful to see them have that space to explore. Lovely pics :0) Have a great weekend.

  4. awww i am so pleased that the viral infection is on its way out! xx

  5. Looks like a great week for you and a well deserved night out too. Mich x