Thursday, 9 May 2013

My Breastfeeding Journey

I'm linking this post with this weeks Reason's to be Cheerful by Michelle.

Baby penguin is nearly 7 months old and our breastfeeding journey is coming to an end :(

She has weaned herself off me except for night feeds.  Its been a wonderful bonding experience and I have mixed feelings about it coming to an end.

I found it really painful to begin with but it got easier with the use of shields. 6 months on an it was all going great.  3 hourly feeds during the day, I would pump before bed and a couple of feeds during the night.  We had a great routine. My pumping sessions created a freezer stockpile that came in use when I went on a course.  However it wasn't enough and during my first aid course she was offered formula but refused it. I was shocked but touched that she only wanted mummies milk! A week later she was offered a different formula and necked it! From that feed onwards she fussed whilst on the boob and I just found it easier to give her a bottle.  I pumped through the missed feeds and she would happily take breast milk or formual milk but bottle only.  Then during toddler penguins birthday party I needed to pump and she was over tired and wouldn't go to anyone.  So I snuck upstairs and we had our last daytime feed together.  

Baby penguin still wakes through the night so we still have our night feeds together with a bit of co-sleeping.  For the past three weeks she has had some baby rice and this week she had some puréed fruit and veg which she quite enjoyed.

I'm so glad that weaning her off the boob has been an easy process for her, even if I've have mixed emotions about it.  Some days I wanted to give up breastfeeding, other days I got all sentimental about it.  Either way I wanted to get to 7 months like I did with toddler penguin and with the night feeds we might just make it!  I'm so happy with achieving 6 months and its an amazing experience!


  1. Aw I hope it isn't too had for you both! Xx

  2. My JJ weaned himself at 6 month and I was not sure if I was ready either but he was happy and thats the main thing. Your little Penguin is happy too. Mich x

  3. Aw this must be so tough! I didn't breastfeed so I have no idea how it feels but it must be hard. Hope things have gone well since you posted this and baby penguin is continuing to do well :) That's a lovely photo of you both xx