Thursday, 2 May 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

Its been a while....I've been blog quiet for  a while.  I guess life has just got on top of me and it was a very busy April.....all wonderful things!

Firstly we had the playroom refurbished  Its still a work in progress but we have gorgeous fitted cupboards either side of the chimney breast and lots of shelves and storage for all of the toys.  I've managed to do a bit of a toy clearout and a stock check of all we've got.  I've also been taking pictures of lots of the toys to put in a mini photo album so when I'm looking after minded children then can have a flick through to choose what they want to play with.

Secondly we went on holiday to Bluestone in Wales.  We were so lucky with the weather.  It was amazing.  As a family we so needed the time away and we had a blast.  Toddler penguin definitely enjoyed it the most.  Baby penguin achieved a milestone and learnt to sit unaided.  Papa penguin hired a bike with a trailer and I jogged along side with the buggy which meant I was burning lots of cals.  Shame about all the cake and burgers I ate!

Thirdly it was toddler penguin's 3rd birthday.  We had a weekend of celebrations with friends coming over on the Saturday and family and more friends on the Sunday.  It was a manic weekend and I spent the week beforehand preparing for it but we all had a wonderful time.  Its great to get together with everyone when you don't see many people that often.  We were luckily with the weather and even managed a bbq.  It was great that people could hang out in the garden as over the space of the weekend we had 50 adults round!  It was busy but I had help from lots of people.  Managed a quick post this week about this but here's the cake!

Finally the sun is out and no rain has been forcast all week.  Could this mean summer is on the way????

Hoepfully I will get a chance to catch up with other blogs over the weekend!


  1. That cake is amazing! Glad the weather was good for your hols & to have a BBQ x

  2. Holiday sounds lovely and as you say important. Birthday sounds fun and it sounds like you have lots of love and friendship in your life.

  3. what an incredible cake! We went to bluestone last year and it was lovely (but we had rain all week!!! apart from that it was lovely). xxx

  4. A brilliant cake aren't you fab!! I've always wanted to try a trip to Bluestones - now even more so xx

  5. Superb, that cake is awesome. have a great bank holiday, Mich x