Sunday, 19 May 2013

Supermarket shopping online is the ONLY WAY!

There are lots of reasons why we do not shop in store.....

  1. I hate queueing at the checkouts
  2. I hate not being able to find things on the shelves
  3. I always seem to end up with a wonky trolley
  4. People can't seem to follow the up and down the aisles system and wander all over the place
  5. I'm one of those people as not being a regular means I don't know where anything is and always have to retrace my steps
  6. Toddler penguin will loose his teeth from all the sweeties I bribe him with to keep him quiet
  7. Papa penguin will become an alcoholic from all the beer I bribe him with in turn for me asking him to keep the kids entertained
  8. I always spend way too much !

We have my mum and step dad visiting at the weekend so in order for the food to be fresher I decided to get an online shop delivered on Thursday and not my usual Monday.  This meant I needed to get a few bits today.  We budget between £70 and £90 for a weekly shop and my "few bits" today cost just over £100! Admittedly £35 was spent on clothes, nappies and formula for the little ones but for a few bits we still reached our weekly shop budget and I've still got another shop to do later this week!

Now I don't actually think its down to the quantity of the items bought its the fact that supermarkets have been discreetly putting their prices up. When I do my weekly shop online I meal plan for the week, chuck everything in my online basket along with anything else we are running low on and then look at the final cost.  If its too high I re-evaluate what I've bought, move a few meals around, get rid of the non urgent items and get the cost as low as I can.  Over the past few weeks its been a struggle.  So I'm back to online shopping only!  Its just too expensive to go in store....I can't keep track of it all!

To brighten things up here is toddler penguin pushing baby penguin around the little helper!

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