Monday, 20 May 2013

Weekly Meal Plan - May 20th

Toddlers Dinners
Monday - Salmon and Broccilli Pasta
Tuesday - Turkey Drummers, Waffles and Veg
Wednesday - Egg fried rice
Thursday - Mini Toad in the Hole
Friday - Omlette

Grown up Dinners
Monday - Thai Red Chicken Curry
Wednesday - Jackets with Cheese and Beans
Thursday - 
Friday - Omlette and Chips
Saturday & Sunday - to be confirmed as I haven't meal planned yet!

My mum and stepdad are visiting over the weekend and I always struggle to think of what to cook! You see my mum is an AMAZING cook so it is very hard to live up to her standards!  Mother has a bit of an obsession about making things from scratch so usually where we would have pie over the weekend I have no plans in making my own pastry!  Having spent a year of so in India she is an expert at cooking curries and has every herb and spice known to man in her walk in pantry! So I have until Wednesday to meal plan some amazing this space!

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