Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Wobbles Wednesday

I gave up on Wobbles Wednesday back in March when my weight plateaued. Baby penguin is now 7 months old and we've just finished our breastfeeding journey which means the diet can being.

However I'm not good at dieting, I believe everything in moderation is key and I love cake!  I have to have cake or chocolate at about 3pm and a couple of biscuits after dinner with my cup of tea.  So therefore it means I need to exercise more.

I'm well aware that I've had a baby (two in fact) and I also know that there are people out there with bigger goal that me and a lot higher starting weights however with the pressure of magazines, films, celebrities in generally and a drawer of skinny jeans at home I'm still one of those people who is not happy with their weight.  Actually its the wobbly bits I'm not happy with! So time to bring on the cardio! 

Original Weight  74kg (163lbs)
Goal Weight  63kg (139lbs)
Ten Weeks Ago  66.5kg (148lbs)
Today's Weight66.3kg (146lbs)

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