Thursday, 13 June 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Since last week's reasons to be cheerful I broke my toe....literally that evening of writing the post.  So I've been housebound pretty much but luckily not sofa bound. No rest for the wicked! Not much to be cheerful for except our gorgeous playroom which I have practically lived in all week!

Papa penguin and I still made date night on Saturday.  We went to ASK Italian Restaurant and I polished of 3 prosecco's along with a three course meal.  It was yummy yummy and I look forward to going back again at some point.

Back to the prosecco's.  Well I'm not a big drinker (these days) but I love love love that tipsy feeling!

Now the sun may be hiding but it is still warm which means we haven't had to put the heating on for quite a while....good to watch those pennies and save some money.  Also with the sun rain sun rain thing going on my garden is blooming nicely!

We had some friends visit on Monday and her youngest has chicken pox.  Mini chicken pox party at casa penguin but no sign of my two getting anything. Loved the company and I wish Juicy a speedy recovery so her mummy can get some sleep!

So with all the time at home I've taken lots of pics of the kids....

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  1. I love your wallpaper, it's so gorgeous (where did you get it?) Is google friend the same as following a blog? oh my sleep deprived brain cannot process all this......

    1. Hi Grace, if you scroll to the bottom of my blog the bottom right is google friend connect (gfc) that they are going to get rid of. There is also google circles which I have but don't quite understand yet! I believe the best way to follow a blog is bloglovin' where you get daily email updates or if you are on facebook then you can follow a blog page.

      The wallpaper is from an online shop called Isak and everyday I fall more and more in love with it!

  2. I hope your toe gets better soon. Glad you enjoyed your evening at the Italian restaurant.

  3. Ooh Ask sounds lovely, unfortunately I never made it there before we left the UK, I must make the effort to go next time we visit. Love the pics of the kids, so cute!

  4. Sorry about your toe! Sounds painful! Glad you managed date night and here's to Prosecco and its magic.

  5. Aww, those pics are adorable! Lovely reasons, yay for the date night!! xx

  6. you have some lovely photos there. So sorry to hear about the broken toes -here's hoping for a quick recovery. xxx

  7. oh those pictures are adorable! Hope the big toe heels quickly x

  8. Sorry to hear about your toe, but plenty of good things to be cheerful about! Your two children look like they get along well, so cute!