Thursday, 27 June 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

A week later and toddler penguin still has the splinter in his heel but it doesn't seem to be bothering him, no sign of infection so I've decided to ignore it.  Just putting magnesium sulphate on it every day and a plaster. He did also manage to get a splinter in the palm of his hand at the beginning of the week and that was a drama in itself to remove it but thank goodness for lollipops.  Slience!

I went out on Friday night with some friends and missed the last train home.  Ended up staying out till 3am in a cocktail bar and then stayed at a mates. I felt guilty at the time but this is no way a regular thing and my batteries were recharged and I think with a night out every now and then you become a better mum.  I'd do it more often for the cuddles of being welcomed home however the hangover that went with it is not something I'd like to repeat.....this century!

Baby penguin is unsure of her food at the moment.  We are halfway between purees and finger foods.  Some days she wants one and not the other.  I think it depends on her mood.  As much as I hate the messiness of finger foods I love watching her explore and squish everything.  She still has no teeth!

So the sun is shinning, I don't remember when I last wore a coat and I'm loving this weather!  Please stick around sunshine!


  1. Its so much joy to watch a child experiencing new tastes no matter how much mess they make. I used to love my kids faces when something was a little sour

    Have a great week

  2. Great reasons! I love the last photo, cute!

  3. hooray for sunshine and boo for splinters x

  4. I can't believe he's still got that splinter let alone another one, BOYS! Good for you for getting out and letting your hair down but poor you for getting a hangover!