Friday, 7 June 2013

Tale of a broken toe

Bugger...I've only gone and broken my toe :(

Playing with the kids yesterday afternoon, toddler penguin was annoying baby penguin who at 7 months old does not want to be tickled roughly under the chin and have things thrown at her face.  I think toddler penguin must have had a bucket load of sugar at nursery in the morning because he had a huge amount of energy and generally at the moment doesn't listen to what I say!  So I took his inflable spiderman away and in the process of going to put it up high with him chasing me, I was crossing the playroom which had the happyland toys everywhere and I lost my balance, nearly fell on baby penguin did a funny dance and stubbed my toe on the huge happyland house.  It was against the sofa so had to give when I went flying into it!

Initially it didn't hurt as toddler penguin was screaming for his spiderman.  He then stood on a die cast car so I was comforting him and gradually the pain got worse and worse to the point that I was panting in pain like in labour!  I hobbled to the freezer got some ice and elevated it (first aid training came in use here) and distracted toddler penguin by asking him to find certain toys.  After 5 minutes of still ridiculous pain I rang papa penguin and told him to come home NOW.  It was 430pm and I just couldn't see how I was going to get the kids dinner on.  

I managed to get a bowl of water and ice and for the next half hour kept dipping it in and out.  Papa penguin is an hour away and couldn't leave the office till 5pm so I managed to get some nuggets on for the toddler and found a savoury pouch for baby penguin. Gosh what a mess that makes when you don't feed them in a highchair!

So anyway kids were fed, I survived the next hour muttering various swear words under my breathe and papa penguin came home.  He bathed baby penguin, pj's on her then off we went to a&e.

Now our nearest is Epsom General Hospital and there are plans to close this a&e along with the maternity ward.  I can't see why as every time I've been to a&e there have been lots of people there so its obviously needed.  I arrived at 7pm, was seen by triage at 8pm, x-rayed at 830pm and home by 9pm.  Not bad considering I expected it to be a lot longer.  Time flew by quickly as I took my crochet with me - I did get a few stares but I don't care as I believe crochet is so coming back in fashion!

So the negatives of my broken toe.....
  • It hurts
  • I can't carry baby penguin up and down the stairs
  • I can't drive
  • I can't walk far
  • I can't meet a friend on Monday and go to the park
  • I can't meet my friend on Wednesday for dinner
  • I can't take toddler penguin to nursery and pick him up
  • I have a wedding in 5 weeks, healing time of a broken toe can take 6 weeks - there goes my plans to exercise and get into a dress I like!
  • I'm so going to have to watch what I eat if I'm going to be sofa bound
  • I can't do housework

And the positives....
  • Papa penguin has had to stay and work from home today taking toddler penguin to nursery and helping me put baby penguin down for naps
  • This means that he can join in the celebrations of his aunts birthday this evening
  • I managed to crochet two granny squares whilst waiting in a&e last night
  • I have an excuse to sit and do nothing
  • Toddler penguin gets to play doctors....not sure if this is positive or negative
  • I don't have to do housework

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  1. Bet that hurt! Sorry to hear your sofa bound (unless it's a good thing of course!). At least you've found some positives from the injury! Hope it heals up soon! :) x