Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Gallary - Inspirational Women

This weeks theme from Sticky Fingers is Inspirational Women.

I hereby dedicate this blog post to my mum, the most amazing woman in the world.

Obviously without her I wouldn't be in this world here writing this post.

She brought me into a world where the women did everything in the household and having had two children myself and an amazing husband who helps out loads around the house, not just with the chores but with the parenting as well....the good bits and bad bits....I only have nothing but praise for my mum!

This is a picture of my mum and I on her wedding day last June when I was 6 months pregnant with baby penguin.


  1. Lovely picture. Nothng like becoming a parent to make you realise all the things mums do for us!

  2. What a gorgeous picture - you both look so happy :)

  3. I would like to say that was the best day of my life (just in case my husband ever reads these blogs) but really, it was the day I had Lara!
    The best daughter in the world!
    And it has brought a lump to my throat reading this blog!