Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Gallery - Two

I follow quite a few blogs that take part in Sticky Finger's Gallery linky and have decided to join in as well.

I always have the camera to hand and am constantly taking pictures.  When toddler penguin was a baby every picture taken was uploaded to my mac and saved and soon I wasn't left with much space and had to have a mass archiving session.  This time around I'm a lot more savvy with pictures and only keep the ones that are actually any good and delete the duplicates.

I take my photo's with a Canon PowerShot S100...a 30th birthday present from papa penguin!

So this week's theme is Two.  Such a broad subject yet so close to heart.  I have two gorgeous children who bring me joy every single day.  They are 2½ years apart and I couldn't have imagined a better age gap! I took this picture in our garden over the weekend, the start of summer in my opinion!
I look forward to joining in next week!

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