Wednesday, 12 June 2013

What's in my Handbag?

MoneySupermarket have a handbag competition at the moment and Laura from Petit Moi - Big World has tagged me and encouraged me to get involved.

I really enjoy reading others 'What's in my bag' posts so I'm looking forward to his one. The competition can be found here: and if you want to enter you've got until Monday 1st July. 

So here's my current bag:

Its a Radley satchel handbag and I bought it whilst on holiday with friends in Weymouth in August 2011 for £150.  I wanted to treat myself as since toddler penguin was born in April 2010 I had only used the changing bag. I have used this bag pretty much every day since.  

MoneySupermarket are looking into the average contents of handbags and how much these contents are worth....this is whats inside my bag.

Working clockwise from the top is my oystercard in my Radley holder which I've had since the days when the oystercard was first introduced circa 2004.  To replace it would cost £15.  Then there is my blackberry.  I've had this since November 2010 and at my recent upgrade, to save money I decided to keep the phone and downgrade my tariff...I went from paying £35 a month to £15.  The phone is insured at £5 a month and was recently replaced at Christmas when all of a sudden it just stopped working.  I'm not sure of the cost to replace it - maybe about £175.

Next we have a plaster for those blister emergencies and my all time favourite beauty products...Benefit Dandelion blusher (£23.50), Lancôme Juicy Tube (£15), Vaseline Créme Brulee (£2.49) and L'Occitane Hand Cream (£8).  The first two are I admit older than the 12 month suggested life but hey I can't afford new ones.

Next we have my door keys which have a very cute penguin keyring which was a gift from a friend.  You'll see my car keys are separate from my door keys (also have a penguin keyring) as I quite often only go out with the buggy and we only have one set of car keys, I'd hate to lose them.  Also if papa penguin needs to go out in the car he doesn't need to take my door keys with him.  I'd hate to think what the value of these bits of metal are but they are the key (excuse the pun) to our most personalised possession at home!

Loose in one of the zipped sections in my bag are some coins.  They are shinny and are stamped 2012.  The year of baby penguins birth.  I'm trying to collect them all like I did for toddler penguin.  I also carry around a pencil and a pen.  The pen was a gift from another friend.  Its a Swarovski Crystaline pen and retails at about £25. My I love Claremont pencil cost me 50p from the National Trust on a recent visit. 

The most expensive part of my bag is my purse.  Its Gucci and I bought it duty free from Heathrow for £250 - prekids and premortgage when I had no other worries in the world. Inside are the normal credit cards, library pass, National Trust membership and store points card, but also photos of the kids and a typed up eulogy of my father who passed away in 2003.  This piece of paper is priceless to me as I have it nowhere saved on my computer.  There is no money in my purse as I've not been out in a week due to broken toe.  I lie....there is 13p.

Finally I always carry around tissues, a few hair clips and my handsfree set.  

I am shocked to learn that my handbag and contents are worth just under £750 and that doesn't include what my keys are worth! If I had to buy from scratch these days I would not be able to afford that.  MoneySupermarket claims that the average cost is £850.  I am on my way to check my handbag is included in my household insurance!

Having two kids aged 3 and under, I also carry around a baby changing bag. This was toddler penguins changing bag and now I use it for baby penguin as well.  Here's a picture of it and its contents.
I carry around bottles, juice, snacks, wipes, nappies (in the black travel changing mat at the top), bibs, first aid kit, sun cream, antibacterial wash, dummies, camera, toys, Clipper White Tea Bags and a wrist strap.  I also carry around spare clothes and a reusable shopping bag.  The changing bag itself is from Kipling and I have a Canon S100, those two together are worth about £400.  The rest I guess I could get from a quick shop to boots for about £25, except for the toys which would be priceless in toddler penguins eyes!

Fingers crossed for the MoneySupermarket competition.  I would love a new handbag.

In case you don't read the t+c's you also need to tag 5 people for the contest, so here's my list.

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Good luck everyone and I look forward to seeing whats in your handbag!


  1. Yay!! Lovely tag, I shall post mine over the weekend :D Thank you for tagging me. xx

  2. Thanks for the tag! You fit a lot in what looks like a small bag! x

  3. What a fab blog post! Thanks so much for tagging me. I am usually up for a blog comp as I love joining in and keeps my mind active. Forgive me if I don't get the chance to join in with this one as things are particularly hectic at the mo. (if I manage to catch up on things, then of course I will do) Good luck with it! xxx

  4. Wow, women sure have a lot of things in one bag. LOL. I like how you are able to put all important things together. Other women put up expensive things insider their bags that acquiring a handbag insurance is a must. LOL! In your case, you kept only the important things handy. =)