Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Daily Workout App Review

Pre-kids I was a regular at my local gym.  I attended 3-4 classes a week and love it.  Post-kids I don't have the time or money to fork out on monthly gym membership costs.  After having toddler penguin I attended buggyfit classes in our local park a few times a week and when we moved I took up the odd body combat class at the local leisure centre.  

My broken toe is healing nicely.  I'm driving and walking again however I'm unable to go on tip toes, wear flip flops and do the plank.  I also don't want to risk any further damage by jumping up and down in a class. I do however need to do some sort of exercise what with the summer approaching and need to get rid of this post baby bulge!

During a recent search on the app store I came across these free Daily Workout Apps. So far I have tried out the abs, leg and cardio apps and am loving them and the results.  I've been doing the leg and abs one every evening for the past 5 days and have done the cardio app twice.  I've currently got papa penguin on a mission to find my dumbbells in the loft for me to do the arm workouts.

The apps are really easy to follow and with the free download you can select a routine of 10 exercises and choose a 5 minute workout, 7.5minute of 10 minute workout.  This means that each workout is either 30 seconds, 45 seconds or 60 seconds long respectively.

Each workout is demonstrated by a certified personal trainer and the instructional video although on repeat is a great way to keep up and motivate yourself to continue for the allotted time.

Under settings are written instructions, so its worthwhile reading these through to begin with first and the use the video as a visual aid.

You can do all these exercises from the comfort of your own home and its so easy to find 5 or 10 minutes a day or even a couple of times a day to do them.  I've been doing the leg ones on the floor in the playroom next to the kids whilst toddler penguin does a jigsaw puzzle and baby penguin shoves whatever she can find in her mouth!

My abs are really sore from working them out every day but no pain no gain!  The sides of my legs are toning up from the side leg kicks and I'm looking forward to getting the dumbbells out and toning my arms this week and using the yoga one to stretch out my sore limbs from pushing the buggy all day.

I can't believe such a simple free app can give such good results.

Disclaimer: This is my own personal review. I have not been paid in anyway to write this review.  It is recommended that you consult a physician before beginning any exercise program.

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