Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Fill n Squeeze Review

I've been the proud owner of my Fill 'n' Squeeze pouches for just over a month now and I'm in love with them so much that I had to share.

Toddler penguin is going through a phase where he doesn't like fruit however he loves the "squeezies" as we call them but they do workout expensive and in my opinion all shop bought ones taste the same.  I wanted to make my own for him and for baby penguin but wasn't sure where to start. Whilst browsing the Jojo Maman Bebe website for clothes I randomly came across these Fill 'n' Squeeze pouches and ordered them straight away!

They arrived shortly after and the pouch filler jog was washed immediately as  I couldn't wait to start using it. In the box you get a pouch filler jug,  a plunger (which doubles up as a masher), a jug closure cap, 5 reusable pouches which are sterile and ready to use. You can also purchase an extra 10 sterile pouches for only £4.50 which if you do the maths is 45p each. These pouches are reusable so I think its all money well spent!  The box it comes in is really sturdy which makes it great for storing all the bits and pieces between uses.

So having just bought some apples, pears, bananas and plums from the supermarket I set about making my fruit purees.  You can make endless amount of purees (just use the current ones on the market for inspiration however the first one I chose to make was apple, pear and banana puree.  I peeled, sliced and cooked in a little water the 2 apples and 4 pears. When soft I added one banana, gave it a quick stir and turned off the heat.

I decanted the fruit into the pouch filler jug making sure i had the yellow lid in place and then using a hand blender I gave it all a quick zap

I inserted the masher with the rubber covering in and pushed down whilst holding the yellow plug in place.  I then tilted the jug bag and pulled the masher upwards in order to stop the puree from flowing out the bottom hole whilst I removed the yellow plug and quickly inserted a pouch. Pushing down gently pushes the puree into the pouches.  These are mainly for baby penguin so I only really half fill them but have done the odd few to the max line.

It took me a few tries to get the hang of it and controlling the flow to stop it dripping but once I was on a role I couldn't stop!
I found it easier to write the contents on little labels and sticking them on. Here are all my pouches lined up and ready to go in the freezer!
So now for the fun stuff....cleaning the reuseable pouches.  Firstly I suggest you use rubber gloves as you are putting your hands very close to hot water and I do not want to be responsible for any burns....secondly the only con about this product is that this process isn't that great on the evironment with the amount of water I had to run!

To begin with run your tap on hot to just more than a trickle and rinse the pouch out. It is best to hold the far corners of the pouch to avoid being scalded.

Put your finger over the spout and tip the pouch upside down and ensure you get to all the creases before pouring out and repeating again.
I then add a tiny drop of washing up liquid to a rinsed pouch along with some more hot water and give it a shake with my finger over the spout.
Turn it upside down and give it a shake using your spare hand (mine was holding the camera) to give it a good squeeze ensuring you get to all the creases.
 Finally give it a good rinse a couple of times and clean the lid.
Using the pouch filler you can insert some air or I use a balloon pump to open it up and then sterilise it using cold water and a sterilising tablet.

Disclaimer: This is my own personal review and I have received no payment for this post.

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