Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

I usually write my posts on Thursdays either when the kids are eating breakfast or whilst toddler penguin is at nursery and baby penguin is napping.  However I write this weeks on a Wednesday night as tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday I am looking after my neighbours kid all day. 

He is a lovely little boy (just turned 2) and him and toddler penguin get on really well together. It will also be good practise for when I'm registered as a childminder. He will have to accompany us whilst we take toddler penguin to nursery and pick him up at lunch but I have lots planned!

On Saturday we took the kids to the Natural History Museum. Was a really good day out though we had to leave a little after lunch as toddler penguin was complaining of a belly ache. The place is amazing and I can't believe its free!  Baby penguin was amazing and drifted in and out of naps and I preempted any cries by getting her out the buggy every now and then and carried her round.  Toddler penguin wasn't 100% well but  enjoyed the minerals section and the dinosaurs.  We took packed lunches so all we had to pay for was travel....and souvenirs bought in the gift shop!
Sunday I caught up with my friends at Bluewater.  Was lovely to have a girlie shopping trip even if baby penguin had to come with us (papa penguin wasn't up for looking after two!) I spent more money than I had anticipated but got some lovely clothes from H&M for baby penguin to wear next year and some trousers for toddle penguin in the Gap sale.

Another reason to be cheerful is that I sold our microwave on one of those local FB selling sites.  It was an all singing all dancing microwave but the light had broken.  Every morning I was managing to over bubble my porridge and research showed it would be easier to buy a new microwave than replace the bulb. I got £25 for our old one and in return bought a new basic and smaller purple one that fits my needs much more.

Happy Thursday everyone.  Looking forward to the weekend....its going to be a scorcher!


  1. Aw themuseum loojs fab I love them. Hope you have a nice day tomorrow and get some good practice in! X

  2. I love that middle picture. I think it's lovely when they interact with each other!

  3. I haven't been brave enough to take all if mine to a museum, but I did make the trip when I had 2! Amazing place x

  4. We used to love the Natural History Museum it is a phenomenal place especially for little boys who are obsessed with dinosaurs and bugs! The equivalent museum here in Toronto is really expensive to get in :-(
    Glad you enjoyed the day, the photos are lovely

  5. I miss the natural history museum - our local one so much smaller!

  6. I always write mine earlier in the week an schedule it. Sounds like you have had some great days out. Mich x

  7. great reasons - Bluewater is great but we don't often get to go. All the best with the childminding - I did it for about 5 years and had some of the most fun times with my own kids during those years! Have a great weekend x