Thursday, 11 July 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

Last week I had my neighbours little boy for two days.  He was an angel but I have to say hard work in terms of keeping him entertained!  He didn't sit still for longer than two minutes at a time.  We did so much that it really wore me out.  However he was such a sweet little boy that I didn't mind....good practice for when I'm a childminder!

At the weekend papa penguin banned me and the kids from the house as he had work to do and apparently we are too noisy and distracting!  So Saturday we packed up the car and went and met friends at RHS Hyde Hall near Chelmsford. Hit horrible traffic on the way there, those roadworks on the M25 are really getting annoying.  Thank goodness for dummies, iPad's, Shrek music and air con!

It was sooo hot on Saturday and I was still recovering from my badly sunburnt back.  I expected Hyde Hall to be busier but it was the weekend of the wimbledon championship finals.  We walked around for a bit looking for pine cones and admiring all the flowers then stopped for a lunch picnic.  This meant finding a nice grassy spot and boy were we spoilt!  How often do you search for a weed free patch of grass?  I could not see a weed for miles! The grass was!

After lunch we fed the fishes and check out the home grown veg.  It was so hot that not long after we had to stop for lollies and cakes and sit in the shade for a bit!

Sunday I met papa penguin's aunt and uncle at National Trust Polesden Lacey for managed to spend the whole day there!  We stopped and had some ice lollies in the shade and toddler penguin climed a tree.

Then we walked to Mrs Greville's house to check out the old car show.  This was amazing to see so many old Fords (I think thats what they were) that were actually still in full working order.

We then checked out the childrens play area and even found time for a mini family photoshoot.  Maybe I should photoshop papa penguin in!


  1. Lovely post! And beautiful photos, adorable x

  2. Wow what a busy weekend, you must have been exhausted with all that fresh air! Great photos :-)

  3. Sounds like a lovely day out to me.

  4. What a lovely day out (although not the sunburn!) you have some fab pictures x