Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Gallery - Archives

This weeks theme from Sticky Fingers is Digging into the Archives.

I had a clear out of photographs from my macbook when toddler was born in 2010 and put them all on an external hard drive.  This went into a box when we moved early 2012 and I can not find it anywhere.  Papa penguin says its in the eaves of the loft and its just too much hassle to get to.  

So today I share with you a couple of pictures "from the archives:.

The first is a picture of toddler penguin aged 3 hours old.  One of the first pictures I have on my macbook.  I love his little scrunched up face and how papa penguin cradles his face.

The second is a picture that I happened to find on facebook in one of my mums albums.  My junior school was lucky to be selected as a choir for the world famous Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat with Philip Schofield.  We performed at the London Palladium when I was 9 for 150 performances.  We started doing Monday evening, Tuesday evening, Wednesday matinee and Wednesday evening performances then halfway through we changed to Thursday evening, Friday evening, Saturday matinee and Saturday evening.  We were paid a very small amount and were encourage to complete our studies in the dressing rooms.  It was a fantastic experience, not just for me but for my mum as well who came along as a chaperon to probably over 50 performances and got to stand at the back of the auditorium watching. Apart from his trademark grey hair I don't think Philip has changed at all!

The third is one of the old pictures I have on my macbook, one that I would never delete.  This is taken in the early 80's of me and my daddy who I sadly lost in 2005.  I put together a photo album of pictures of him with friends and family for his funeral. However during our move last year we've lost it. I'm devastated and know it is somewhere and I really hope it will turn up one day.

On a brighter note I must share this picture I just found of my mum and dad in the late 70s in not only matching t-shirt but t-shirts that have their own faces on!  Funnily enough they separated 20 years later. The t-shirt were just not enough to keep them together!


  1. I didn't expect Philip Schofield to pop up, he looks so young! Your little boy is beautiful and looks so precious in that pic.

  2. Wonderful post and pictures. I remember when Philip was in the broom cupboard at BBC. He's cert5ainly moved up in the world.

    Herding Cats

  3. Such a great selection, especially the one of you and your precious Pops. Have you got a place to preserve all these (and the ones in the loft?!) If you'd like some help, just check us out :-) It's what we do! (

  4. A really lovely collection of photos. Aww toddler penguin looks so adorable with his little squished face. I hope your missing pics turn up soon

  5. Brilliant selection of photos, especially the one with you & your Dad x

  6. Lovely post, I really enjoyed the pictures and reading all of the stories behind them. I hope the photo album of your dad shows up soon x

  7. what beautiful pictures with such beautiful memories x

  8. Love the pose of your little hand as your Dad holds you! Just adorable! And the first photo is a little drop of precious magic! Delightful series!

  9. Oh, I really hope your album turns up - we've 'misplaced' a lot of things in our recent move..! Lovely post, love the photos - Mr Schofield looks awfully young :)