Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Gallery - I Made This

This weeks theme from Sticky Fingers is I Made This.

I've been really thinking about this one as it turns out I've made quite a few things.   I've hit the sewing machine loads and made lots of things for toddler penguin such as bedding, a cot bumper, bunting, cushions, stockings, a teddy and even personalised a t-shirt for his first birthday. With the help of papa penguin we made a Gruffalo Cake and as I bake all the time I'm constantly making cupcakes.  My Ferrero Rocher cupcakes are a huge hit.

However since buying a new Macbook Pro I've not had easy access to any old pictures.  Therefore I'm sharing a picture of something I made today.

A Brio train track layout.  These pieces of tracks are mainly papa penguins from when he was a kid.  A few bits are mine and then we've bought things like the level crossing and crane over at the back as a Christmas present for toddler penguin.  There are still more pieces in the box.

I love how you can make a different track every time and its actually I toy I really enjoy playing with! Hours of fun!


  1. Looks like he's having a lot of fun, My little man would love this.

  2. My boys loved these when they were little! In fact it's bringing back tonnes of memories looking at your pic :-D

  3. Ha ha, I've seen a few 'competitive track building' tweets over the years - you could SO compete!

  4. Oh. My. Word. I NEED Ferrero Rocher cakes in my life!

  5. I used to love playing with it when you were a kid...and we only had a little track!!
    Now it's looking almost as big as our Scalextric!!