Monday, 29 July 2013

Weekly Meal Plan - 28th July

So I'm on holiday this week in the Lake District! I'm staying in a massive 6 bedroom cottage in the middle of nowhere with 4 other families/couples! We do this every year and it is fab!

With 7 nights to cater for, 10 adults, 4 kids and a baby to cater for we all take turns to cook a meal and then have two bbq's. It works really well as on "your" night you cook and wash up which means the rest of the week apart from bbq nights we can put our feet up.

This is what is planed for this week....
Saturday we had cottage pie which friends cooked in advance and travelled with it frozen. That meant on arrival night no one had to worry about cooking and unpacking. 
Sunday we had Maggie's So Juicy Mexican chicken and rice. Chicken baked in a bag in the oven! Fantastic idea and super yummy.
Monday (tonight) we are all having a bbq....meat, salad, tatties and more meat (that's what happens when you send the men to the shops!)
Tuesday will be chilli con carne with jackets or rice
Wednesday will be chicken fajitas and apple crumble for pudding.
Thursday will be our night. Steak casserole with a pie topper served with tatties and veg and ice cream for pudding.
Friday our last night will be a bbq....lets just hope it will be sunny!

The kids will be joining us for the bbq's but have fish fingers, waffles and peas or spag bol for the other nights.

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  1. Never mind the food.....that sounds like a fabulous way to spend a week!! Have fun xx