Monday, 5 August 2013

Birds of Prey Week at Claremont Landscape Garden

Today the kids and I visited Claremont Landscape Garden which is owned by the National Trust. We are members so its a great free thing to do.  Most National Trusts hold weekly events and activities.

This week's event is Birds of Prey week held by Surrey Falconry who are providing a static bird display along with two flying bird displays each afternoon (weather permitting).  I was a bit confused what it meant by static bird display as I never been to one of these before but its where different species comprising of hawks, falcons, owls, vultures and eagles are featured under a gazebo and we can get a close up look and ask lots of questions. My questions included things like how do they feel to be chained up and are they okay being locked up in the van.  All were answered well and the birds of prey staff were pretty knowledgeable about all the different species. I was a bit shocked to learn what they were fed but thats nature for you!  Toddler penguin loved checking the owls out, definitely his favourite.

Along with the bird displays, Claremont are also holding craft activities and a children's themed trail.  Toddler penguin below is demonstrating the owl he made and we also created a badge. He chose the colours and I did the colouring!

I also wanted to share a pic of the play area at Claremont.  It is one of the only National Trust places that offer a children's play area.  Also a fab picture of toddler penguin feeding the doves who were getting a little too close for his liking and I couldn't forget about baby penguin who was an angel being carted around in the buggy all day!

If you live in the Surrey area I recommend you check Claremont Landscape Garden out!

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