Thursday, 1 August 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

This weeks reasons to be cheerful.....

Firstly I'm on holiday with my besties. What could be a better reason than that! We are staying in a rather large cottage in the Lake District with our husbands/boyfriends and our kids. One boy is 5 years old, three boys are aged 3 (including toddler penguin) and then there is baby penguin who is 9.5months old which leads me to my second reason to be cheerful.

Baby penguin who usually has at least one 2 hour nap at home is having to fit around our schedules. If we all look like we aren't getting out the cottage any time soon in the mornings I put her down and get maybe an hour out of her till either we wake her up to go out or the sound of all the kids passing our bedroom door wakes her up. She has done really well and has been a complete angel!

Toddler penguin is having so much fun! He has had his mates to play with every day. He is getting fresh air, going on boats, going to parks, castles, outdoor adventure playgrounds, having picnics, scooting, drawing and watching films when we get home after a busy day! He has been going to bed about 9pm every night and does have a few crabby moments during day but apart from that he is being a really good little boy.

Finally my last reason is that I've discovered that my new MacBook Pro (which ended up coming away with us) has a SD card reader which means I can share a pic!


  1. glad you are having a nice holiday. lovely picture xxx

  2. That is a stunning photo, so glad you're having a good time :-) xx

  3. You can just sense the happiness in your post. Carry on doing what you are doing and having fun!

  4. Great reasons, hope you have a lovely holiday x