Thursday, 29 August 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

I have been neglecting my blog recently and focusing on home life and work life.  I have lots of posts drafted but not many completed! My work has been my training to become a childminder.  After months of waiting and chasing I finally had an Ofsted inspector round today and yeay I'm going to be registered!  I just have to wait a few weeks for my certificate and then my door are open to all those little kiddies that want to come play in the land of penguins.  Some of you may have seen my playroom pics!

So although I have thoroughly enjoyed putting my baby fried brain to work over numerous policies, procedures, activity plans, meal plans, fire evacuations and safeguarding I am glad to have a few weeks rest before I start advertising.  

This weekend we went to the Cotswolds with some friends and then on the way home met up with the in laws who kindly took the kids off our hands from Monday afternoon to Wednesday evening.  This is the first time I've ever been kid free for such a long period.  I cried the whole way home and couldn't dare look over my shoulder as I didn't want to see the empty seats behind us.  However I had two full nights sleep, slight lay ins and I managed to blitz the house from top to bottom, do some gardening and get all my paperwork up to scratch for Ofsted.  

Having the kids back home has been amazing!  When toddler penguin (nearly 3.5yrs old) got out the car to greet me I could just tell by the look on his face that his missed me.  He wouldn't stop cuddling me and giving me kisses it was amazing.  Even the day after I was still getting lots of hugs!  Baby penguin (10 months) flapped her arms in excitement when she saw me and has since been a bit clingy but I'm not complaining.  She is now bum shuffling a lot more and can now pull herself to standing on anything she can get her hands on....including her older brother!

We have nothing planned for tomorrow but with no washing, housework or gardening to do it can be a completely kid focused day.  Something that will become more of my life when I'm a childminder.


  1. best thing about being away from kids is getting back together!

  2. ah bless, it's lovely to get a break, but not for long! lol
    I'm so happy for you getting registered! A friend did it recently and loves it x

  3. Good luck with the childminding, you crazy lady ;)

  4. Good Luck with the new career.
    Bum shuffling - made me smile as I am 44 and still do it!
    So pleased you got a break and then enjoyed your children all over again

  5. We had to send our two eldest to stay with my parents for a week when I was due to have baby 3. I was devestated, and cried from the moment we put them in my parent's car. We did enjoy our brief respite before the new addition, however. The children had a wonderful time and were far more interested in new baby sister than mummy and daddy when we were reunited! Nice for you to have got so many cuddles!

  6. Congrats on your registration, good luck with your new venture

  7. Congrats and well done. I'm jealous of the playroom makeover, I want to come and play! lol
    Little Lady occassionally stays at her grandma's, the night I'm fine as she'd be asleep anyway, but the following day is :-( until she comes back. But yay for cuddles.