Monday, 16 September 2013

100 days to Christmas

Wow did you know its only 100 days until Christmas?  Some people are saying 99 days but according to OfficalSanta on twitter its 100!

I wish I was one of those people that shopped throughout the year for Christmas presents or crashed the January sales.  However I don't because I know that I will buy something for someone, then forget I've bought it or where I've put it and end up buying something else! 

Instead I am organised in other ways.  I have a spreadsheet with a list of people to buy presents for, give each person a budget, add a food and drink budget.  Total it all up and divide by 12.  We then put that much money aside each month into a dedicate Christmas account.  And incase you are wondering we need to save just over £50 a month to cover Christmas costs.   

The only thing I do buy throughout the year is Christmas decorations, especially if I go somewhere on holiday and I find something for our tree.

As we get older there are more kids to buy for so we end up spend less on adults.  After all Christmas is all about the children!

The photo we used in 2012 for Christmas cards


  1. OMG, 100 days! That's a bit scary :-0 I used to start a bit too early and would totally forget what I'd bought, although it did mean sometimes Christmas day was as much a surprise for me as it was for the kids!

  2. Doing a spreadsheet is a genius idea! I always consider buying presents throughout the year but like you said, I just know I'll forget about them and see something else. I think I'm going to have to nick your spreadsheet idea though!