Sunday, 29 September 2013

Lidl happy!

Recently papa penguin has been complaining about the supermarket ham we get.  This is after a trip to his parents who had some pretty good stuff which they claimed they got from Lidl.  

Papa penguin grew up in Germany after moving there at the age of 4 for his fathers job (aka Papi as toddler penguin calls him).  They as a family moved around southern Germany a bit and so had access to all the german hams on the market.  He has always claimed that the english stuff just isn't as good!

So I dragged the kids round Lidl one afternoon and was very impressed with the vast variety of food in the whole store.  If you aren't bothered about brands then its a great place to shop.  I've seen people in there filling their trolley obviously doing their weekly shop is easily done.  However I chose just to get a few items and here is what I bought on one particular shopping trip.

Just to prove a point I compared the price of these items from Lidl to Sainsburys (prices correct 26-29 September 2013).  Turns out I saved £8!  Everything at Lidl was cheaper!

There were a few items that I couldn't get from Sainsburys such as the hams, spiced biscuits and Cornichons so I haven't included them in the price comparison.

I'm definitely Lidl happy.  The prices are great and they don't compromise on quality like some cheaper supermarkets I feel do.

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