Friday, 27 September 2013

I've become a full time housewife!

I've been a bit lost recently.  Papa Penguin has been working really hard recently in his new job role and is hardly ever at home. If he is its for dinner then he is back on his laptop doing work again! All of a sudden I've have found that I have become a full time housewife and stay at home mum.

Technically I've been a full time housewife and stay at home mum since I got made redundant from my PA job last year, however I only noticed it this week after looking after a friends 2 year old for two days.

I've always been to really lucky and had a husband that was home by 6pm. We took turns bathing the kids.  He had a few jobs round the house which included emptying the bins, putting our bins and recycling out on bin day, hoovering, mowing the lawn, changing the bedsheets and even tidying the playroom.  The last few weeks I've done it all including mowing the lawn!

I've become like every other housewife out there.  Now I'm not complaining about this....I'm adjusting.  I think about those single parent families, army wives and families with children who are more demanding and I know I've got it easy.  But no one likes change!

At the start of this week things were going well.  Then I had an extra person to look after and my organisation went downhill. Once the kids were in bed I was too shattered to do anything but have a bath, get in my pj's and watch the Bake Off. The following morning came, I got up early and had to tidy the kitchen, lounge, hallway and playroom before the kids got up.  That way I could spend the morning with them before I had another kiddie to entertain.

This week any spare time I have had had been doing housework and preparing contracts and documentation for my childminding business.  Gone are the days of having time to myself to read a magazine or catch up on my crochet.

I am writing this draft post at 6am in the morning.  Baby penguin is lying across my chest.  She keeps squirming in pain with wind and lying on her belly with me patting her lower back helps.  One hand patting, one hand typing!

This week has been good practice for when I'm childminding. I need to be more organised in the day to day running of the household. The house won't run itself as I keep telling Papa Penguin!

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