Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Radical Reward Chart Review

I've tried a few reward systems in the past year with toddler penguin who at the time of writing is approaching 3½ years old and is my all means a generally well behaved child but he sure can have his moments!

I was sent a reward chart with a difference from Radical Rewards to review.  I believe in praising and rewarding good behaviour and ignoring bad behaviour unless its really bad then its a time out.

This reward chart is all about rewarding the positives. So I let toddler penguin choose his own chart in order to get him involved from the beginning.  He chose wacky wildlife as is a huge fan of barn owls.

I also chose for toddler penguin to have his chart personalised and this involved sending a photo of him by email with the promise that it is deleted once printed and laminated ready to use.  You do need to have some blu-tac to hand to stick the little guy on to the chart, but then you need blu-tac anyway to stick the chart to the wall!

In the post we receive the reward chart and mini instructions which offer a few guides such as never use the reward chart as punishment and move them down the chart and maybe pin their reward to the top of the chart as motivation.

The idea of the chart is that each child moves up the wall as opposed to a typical tabular chart that goes from left to right.

Here is how toddler penguin has moved up his chart so far....
1 - Eating his dinner all up
2 - playing nicely whilst I got our bags and picnic stuff ready
3 - for tidying up the toys
4 - getting undressed, getting in the bath and putting pjs's on when asked one evening.
5 - doing a wee on the toilet (followed a wee earlier in his pants)
6 - getting dressed by himself (well half way)
7 - putting his shoes on when asked
8 - being nice to his sister
9 - tidying up the toys
10 - doing a poo in the toilet (not in his pull up when he wakes in the morning)
11 - sharing toys at a friends
12 - helping mummy water the garden
13 - tidying up the toys
14 - doing a poo in the toilet (not in his pull up when he wakes in the morning)

We have 5 steps to go before he gets his final reward which is a trip to "Potato City" or Chessington World of Adventures as its nearer to us than any other theme park.  He also received a new Disney Car's character when he reached goal 10.

Some days I forget to praise him by moving him up the chart, other days he goes up 3 spaces.  It was a bit of a rush to get him from 10 to 15 as baby penguin can now stand and she kept putting toddler penguin in her mouth and bum shuffling off with him!

It currently retails at £14 with free postage if you are happy to have it folded, or it can arrive in a tube but you have to pay a bit more.  Folded is fine as you just have 3 horizontal creases that easily flatten out once stuck on the wall. £14 may seem pricey for a paper chart but it is of good quality and reusable. If you would only need to buy one its worth the money but I think if you had more than one child to buy for it could get expensive therefore I believe a discount should be offered for multiple purchase.s Also a leaflet detailing the actual species on the chart at each point would be handy as I'm clueless with that sort of thing....all owls look the same to me ;)

I really recommend this chart as a great and different way to reward good behaviour.  Plus it looks great  in our kitchen and I've had lots of comments.

Disclaimer: This is my own personal review and I have received no payment for this post other than to keep the chart.

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