Thursday, 5 September 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

The sun is still shining! I've had a fab week with the kids.  We've been to local parks, gone finishing and weirdly spent a day in kiddicare!

On Saturday we got baby penguin's imprints done.  She wasn't sure about it but as we had it done when toddler penguin was 9 months we felt that we had to get it done for her!  Watch this space as we have to wait 4-6 weeks for it to be finished properly!

On Sunday we took a last minute trip to Southampton to see Auntie Cas (papa penguin's sister). She is working as a photographer on a very big ship and is often at sea for long periods of time.  So we try and visit when she docks, even though we can only see her for a few hours at a time.  This visit papa penguin and toddler penguin handed their passports in so that they could go on the ship.  With a crew member as your guide you can go practically anywhere!  Toddler penguin had a blast!

Finally I'm back following what I eat with myfitnesspal. I've found that although I lost weight at the beginning of the summer I've actually in the last few weeks put it back on.  Already by watching what I eat I've lost a few kilo's!

Now I just checked the weather as we are in for a few days of rain.  I'm actually looking forward to it as I think our garden needs it!

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