Tuesday, 10 September 2013

What has happened to my angel baby?

Generally I like to think I've been blessed with two extremely easy children.  They aren't hugely demanding, are well behaved and are great at playing on their own when I'm trying to get dinner on.

Baby penguin was born in October 2012 and within a month she was in a great routine (baby whisperers 3 hour EASY routine). I remember in December I had a friend babysit whilst I popped out to visit a potential nursery.  She arrived at 1045am, I told her that baby penguin was due a nap around 11am and to just take her upstairs, lie her down in her sleeping bag, give her a dummy and muslin and she would go straight to sleep.  She did.  My little angel baby.  My friend was impressed.

Things continued like that.  Nap times were a breeze.  Bed time the same.

Baby penguin is now 10 months old and a robin hood sleep stealer!  She steals sleep from me and gives it to someone else.  She certainly doesn't keep it for herself.

2 weeks ago in laws had both kids for 2 days.  It was bliss.  The day after their return, baby penguin turned very clingy.  Her clingyness starts when I leave the room and is so much worse from 3pm onwards.  I can distract her with a random toy or kitchen utensil for about 10 minutes but it doesn't last.

Nap times and bed times have become a nightmare. She has never slept through (except at the in laws) and always woken for a bottle at about 230am.  I've gotten used to that and have been happy to let her have it.  Two nights ago for example she woke at midnight.  I gave her a bottle and she went straight back to sleep.  I only pre-make one night time bottom and a 7am bottle.  Two hours later at 2am she wakes up again.  I go in, settle her, walk out.  She screams.  She shares a room with toddler penguin and I don't want him to wake up so I go back into her room, pick her up and bring her into bed with me.  She wriggles and fights and screams....papa penguin sleeps through it all....I kick him hard and tell him to take over.  He says he's not having her in our bed, takes her back and rocks her to sleep.  Half hour later she screams again.  This is the 3rd night in a row she has been like this.  I leave her to cry.  I am exhausted.  She isn't really crying that badly I assure myself but it wakes toddler penguin up and he comes into our room telling us she is awake and standing in her cot.  I bring her back into our room, switch the light on and tell her that if she wants to be awake then she can sit on the floor an play with a box of toys I had out.  I get back into bed and cry. This is a sleep deprivation cry.  I look over at her and she is playing nicely.  Makes me cry more.  I wipes my tears and take another look at her and she has her head buried in her mussie on the floor (she is very flexible) and it makes my heart ache.  I get up and give her a big cuddle and with a thump make papa penguin get the 7am bottle and tell him to make up another for the morning.  He isn't impressed but I don't care!  She downs the bottle and sleeps through till 645am.  

I can no longer lie her in her cot and walk away.  I have to rock her and at bedtime in the evenings I've found out that the only thing that works is by bringing her into our room, lying on the bed with her on my chest and putting Josh Groban and she stays awake until I start singing along.  

I really hope this is a phase.  I know it won't last forever and I do enjoy our sleepy cuddles but it would be nice if she would just go to sleep when told!

Rant over.  Its 9pm and I'm off to bed to catch up on some sleep!


  1. So difficult isn't it. I had to smile at papa penguin sleeping through it all. I can have a vomiting child in bed with us and my dearly beloved will ask in the morning "whay time did they come in" This is also despite being kicked several times.

    Karen x

  2. I sometimes think that's the hardest part of it all...their daddy sleeping through everything!