Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Happy 1st birthday baby penguin!

Wow I can't believe my little girl is one today!  It seems like only yesterday that I was painting the hallway a week before my due date and pretty much ready to pop!

We had a little (rather big) gathering for her birthday on Sunday and as you can guess from the photos below it was ladybird themed.  I probably did go a bit over the top but the main thing is I enjoyed making everything.  

She was a very spoilt little girl and got lots of amazing presents.  She even got her first dolly, a baby annabel.  It seems weird that dolls and pink toys are now joining all the cars and dinosaurs in the playroom.  

We haven't got anything planned for today.  Toddler penguin will be a nursery so we'll go off to our usual playgroup and take the leftover cake and biscuits.  Papa penguin has been away this week so he is taking Friday off work.  We really want to go to Peppa Pig World (well I do) but it all depends on the weather.  We have Chessington passes so we may just go there! The main thing is we spend the day as a family!  

Happy 1st birthday little girl!


  1. You made all the stuff in the pictures!! Amazing, well done! I think 1st birthday are special fir mummies more than little ones so I hope you enjoyed xx

  2. that cake is fabulous! might just have to try to copy it at some point. xxx

    1. Feel free too. The tin I used is the large hemisphere tin from Lakeland and they even have a recipe online x