Monday, 14 October 2013

Weekly Meal Plan - October 14th

Over the weekend we had a little gathering for baby penguin's 1st birthday.  Thats a complete was a rather large gathering of over 30 people all squeezed into our mid terraced house!

Once I have found my camera I'll be uploading pictures of her ladybird themed party.  We had sausages in rolls, sandwiches, wedges, crisps and dips.  Then for the sweet side I did a big ladybird cake, ladybird biscuits, cupcakes topped with ladybirds and ladybird jelly! Can you see the theme?

Going back to the sausages I bought soooo many.  I think I went over the this weeks meal plan should be:

Monday: Sausages
Tuesday: Sausages
Wednesday: Sausages
Thursday: Sausages
Friday: Sausages
Saturday: Sausages
Sunday: Sausages

However having had sausages all day yesterday and having them again with mash and peas for dinner tonight I can't bear the thought of them for a while.  We have about 25 packs of sainsburys butchers choices sausages in the freezer which I think may still be there at christmas.

As always we spent quite a lot of money on baby penguin's party and as papa penguin has lots of late nights at work planned this week we are going to be living off items in the freezer and store cupboard.  I've had a rummage in the freezer and found lots of packs of meat so this is what I plan to rustle up this week with only a quick trip to the shops to top up our bread, fruit and milk.

Meal Planning MondayMonday: Bangers and Mash with peas - baby penguin and toddler penguin ate this too
Tuesday: Chicken Korma - using up a carton of alpro soya yoghurt and korma paste from the fridge
Wednesday: Spaghetti bolognase - all the ingredients are in the fridge or freezer - kids can eat this too
Thursday: Papa penguin is out so I'll eat with the kids.  Spaghetti hoops on toast is toddler penguins current fave so I think I'll have that as well.
Friday: Pork stir fry - will pick up a pack of stir fry veg from sainsburys and make the sauce.  Kids will have nuggets or pasta.
Saturday: We're out with friends for dinner
Sunday: I'm off to Thorpe Park so papa penguin will prob do him and the kids pasta.

Glad I've got our week sorted! What are you meal planning?


  1. I'm such a nerd, meal planning is one of the things I'm most excited about when it comes to moving out - Oh dear oh dear!

    Also, I know you liked the handbag tag so I tagged you in the Autumn tag as I thought you might be interested in that too :D

  2. Love this meal plan! I do love a good freezer dive and spaghetti oops on toast is an excellent dinner choice (often have similar when the Mr is working late) xx