Monday, 21 October 2013

Weekly Meal Plan - October 21st

Monday - Homemade pizza's with buffalo mozzarella and salami
Tuesday - Green Thai Chicken Curry and Rice
Wednesday - Schnitzel, veg box potatoes and veg
Thursday - Pasta with pesto
Friday - Jacket Potatoes with beans and cheese

Kids dinners
Monday - Homemade pizza's with buffalo mozzarella and ham
Tuesday - Pasta with a tomato and hidden veg sauce
Wednesday - Fish fingers, waffles and peas
Thursday - Sausages with homemade wedges
Friday - Spaghetti hoops on toast

I'm now childminding three days a week and have a seven year old to feed on Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's.  I hope he likes my menu choice this week!

No papa penguin on Tuesday so my friend is coming for dinner - hope she likes the menu!

Meal Planning Monday


  1. Yum homemade pizzas. I made my first pizza last week (I cheated and used the packet stuff) and it tastes so much better. Thanks for reminding me, must stick that on my list for next week :)

  2. Green Thai chicken curry.....MMMmmmmmmmm haven't had that for a while...

  3. Yum!! If I was a 7 year old I'd be happy with the meals....hehehe
    Fab menu x