Thursday, 14 November 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

Wow its been 28 days since my last confession reasons to be cheerful!

Its not that I haven't had anything cheerful to write about its thats I've been stumped for words!

This week I have two poorly children :(  Baby penguin has had a cough for 3 weeks.  Originally the doctors said it was related to her MMR jabs, now its a chest infection with mild asthma.  The change in weather and the drop in temperature has hit toddler penguin hard and his asthma is back with a horrible dry cough.

So what have I got to be cheerful for?  My kids!  Apart from cranky evenings of tiredness, during the day they are still chipper and I'm getting lots of cuddles!

Baby penguin who will be 13 months in 2 days is finally sleeping through!  We had a full nights sleep on Monday, Tuesday was pretty rough as she was coughing all night and last night even poorly she still slept through.  We might be on to something here!  Its amazing how much better I feel if I've had a full nights sleep.  Last week she was still having two bottles, one at 1am and another a 530am.

Currently toddler penguin (3.5yrs) is at his pyjamas as they are raising money for Barnardo's.

I wasn't sure about sending him to nursery this morning with his horrible cough but when I mentioned he wouldn't be and he got really upset. He was super excited when I told him to take his pj's off and put pj's on! I bought them quite recently from mothercare and we love them!  He must have had a growth spurt recently as not many of his aged 3-4 yrs and obviously his 2-3 yrs pj's fit him.  These Elmo ones are aged 4-5 years so I really hope they last next winter as well.

At the moment baby penguin and I are supposed to be at a monkey music class but instead she is napping and I'm enjoying a cup of clipper white tea and some bourbon biscuits and enjoying the peace....before I get the hoover out!


  1. Aww. I hope the kiddies are better soon! My eldest was poorly yesterday :(

    Is anyone hosting Reasons To Be Cheerful linky? xx

    1. Thank you. Yes Lakes Single Mum is x

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  2. Ooh, enjoy the quiet cup of tea. Lovely. Glad the little ones are getting better - and sleeping better. It makes such a difference, doesn't it?

  3. Oh I hope little penguin is better soon! As for the pj's, what a brilliant idea! x

  4. I like this post. Really gets over the simple pleasures that parenting brings.
    Seems to be the season for poorly children.
    Have a very chirpy week

  5. hope everyone fully healthy again soon! kids often are the best reasons to be cheerful. Thanks for joining in

  6. cute pj's! hope everyone gets well soon! My son's had a cold this week and been extra cuddly too. xxx