Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Gallery - Nature

The picture I have chosen for this weeks theme Nature from Sticky Fingers was taken on a recent trip to the local park when we stopped to get something out of the buggy.  It just so happened that we stopped by this gorgeous shrub/plant/tree.  I thought the colours on it were amazing! I couldn't stop staring at the leaves.  Even toddler penguin said it was beautiful!

We took home two leaves of each colour but sadly the didn't last long and shrivelled up by the time we got home.

I also wanted to share this photo taken on a cold but fresh autumn day at Polesden Lacey National Trust.  There were so many fallen leaves on the floor we had so much fun jumping and kicking and throwing them.  We ended up building a tower and putting toddler penguin in the middle.  He thought it was hilarious!


  1. Awww. Look at his little happy face :D Bless him.
    Lovely pics, love the colours in the first one. x

  2. Lovely photos, he looks like he is really enjoying himself! x