Sunday, 17 November 2013

Weekly Meal Plan - November 18th

This is an interesting week as I'm out twice and papa penguin is out once!

Monday - I'm out for some Ping Pong Dim Sum and papa penguin is having a meat feast pizza
Tuesday - Papa penguin is out so I'm going to have some simple pasta and pesto
Wednesday - Coconut Chicken Curry with Okra - I must do a blog post on this as its yum!
Thursday - Mexican Chicken Stew
Friday - I'm out again no plans yet where we will go. Papa penguin is going to raid the freezer!
Saturday - Spaghetti Bolognese
Sunday - Slow cooked Lamb with onions and thyme

Kids dinners
Monday - Stir fried chicken teriyaki
Tuesday - Pasta with a tomato and hidden veg sauce
Wednesday - Fish fingers, Waffles and Brocilli
Thursday - Pasta shapes on Toasts
Friday - Sausages, Hash browns and peas

Meal Planning Monday