Friday, 8 November 2013

What am I doing?

For those that are interested.....I'm still here.

I sit down at my macbook to write a blog post but realise I haven't checked my emails for a while, or I haven't been on Facebook yet today or maybe I'll just check the weather.

I have been a bit uninspired for blog posts recently. Out and about I think all the time I'll blog about that but when I sit down to write I'm stumped for words!

So time to make an effort!

What have I been doing?  Papa penguin works all the time and is never home!  I'm gradually adjusting to his new promotion and my new role as a full time housewife/stay at home mum/part time childminder.  I look after a 7 year old three afternoons a week at the moment.  Its the most hectic 3 afternoons of the week and keeping him and my two kids occupied is challenging but I think we are coping! Its been tough keeping up with the housework but with the help of my home routines app I've got myself into a great routine with all the washing and cleaning. However most evenings when the kids are finally in bed at 7pm and I've got dinner ready the last thing I've been wanting to do is go on the computer.  I can barely keep my eyes open!  

I've continued to meal plan but been really lame and publishing them.  My friend recently mentioned that she missed seeing what I was planning to eat for the week. I best get my butt in gear and get online each week just for her!

I have however done 80% of my Christmas shopping!  All the kids are sorted and I'm wrapping toddler penguin and baby penguins' presents up tomorrow so Grandma can take them home with her ready for when we wake up at her's Christmas morning (there are a lot and we need the car boot space for the travel cot, high chair etc!)

Now its time for bed!  I shall be back!

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