Monday, 16 December 2013

How secure are your passwords?

My husband (albeit he is Head of IT in his company) recently tried to hack into my email account to prove a point....that my passwords were not secure.  He did it within 5 tries.

I will share it.  My password was Wimbledon39 because we used to live in Wimbledon in a flat that was number 39.  It was a password that I had told him about years ago and I've used it ever since.  It's been a password that I use for everything and I've never changed it!  Not good he tells me!

He directed me onto a password checker website which showed the above dialogue box whereby you can see how strong your passwords are and how long they take to crack. The password above is able to be cracked within a day.  

I have been researching better passwords....I could replace Wimbledon39 with W1mbl3d0n.39 

or even better would be W1m8Ld0n.:39 What a difference a few characters make!

Another suggestion as it would be quite hard to remember the above is to think of your favourite song and do something like RRRyb.gdts39

Can you guess what song that was? Row row row your boat!

Now I'm off to change all my other website log ins!  Might take a while as I think up some good ones! 

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