Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful

We got a cleaner!  She started at 8am on Tuesday and blitzed the bathrooms, kitchen and hallway.  It was so nice to just sit and play with the kids whilst she worked. I had to leave her unattended whilst I took toddler penguin to nursery but as she was highly recommend I felt I could trust her to not steal my crown jewels! 

I have given her a list of things I'd like done weekly and then a list of the rooms she can focus on each week so that I don't have to get every room in the house "ready" for her.  So far she is living up to her recommendations so lets see how things go.

We totally can not afford it but I decided to take her on mainly for my sanity.  I just feel like I neglect the kids to much if I have housework to do during the day and I neglect my husband if I have to do it in the night.  So come the new year we are going to sit down and look properly at house finances and see how we can fund this new extra cost!

We visited the in laws at the weekend and my sister in law took some fab pictures so I just have to share a few!

I am so excited that Christmas is nearly here. I've done all the xmas shopping, just waiting for a few deliveries then I can finish wrapping them.  We have our tree up in the playroom (its a fake one and I love it) but we want a real one in the front lounge.  However papa penguin just hasn't been around for us all to go tree shopping as a family.  Maybe this weekend we'll get it sorted! 

Finally at a christmas party with friends we had a visit from Santa.  Baby penguin just wasn't impressed!


  1. Oh bless! Little ones always seem terrified of Santa dent they?
    Not jealous of your cleaner....nope not at all! Xx

  2. Poor baby penguin, she really didn't like santa did she! Lovely photos. I'm really quite envious of you having a cleaner!

  3. Well done on the cleaner. Hope it makes all the difference and that you work out how to fund it easily.
    Glad to see you are in the festive mood. Merry Christmas

  4. I used to love having a cleaner! great photos of your little ones

  5. Oh how adorable! Your images have truly made me smile. Babies are so precious and with a tree like that how can you help but be festive! All the best for the season and 2014.