Thursday, 2 January 2014

Belated Wobbles Wednesday

Having a bank holiday (New Years Day) on a Wednesday has really confused me as to what day it is!

A year ago I weighed 73kg.  Yesterday morning I weighed 68kg.  I'd like to weigh 65kg and I'm not going to "Diet" to achieve it but I'm going to try and be more active and reduce my portion sizes. I'm back on myfitnesspal recording my food intake.

Actually the whole family weighed themselves yesterday and here were the results:

Mummy penguin (31yrs) 68kg
Papa penguin (30yrs) 82.7kg
Toddler penguin (3.5yrs 18.1kg
Baby penguin (14months) 11.9kg

I start my more active lifestyle today joining my friends on a buggy fit session. Lets hope I can walk tomorrow unlike last time where I was aching for about 3 days!

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