Friday, 10 January 2014

Friday's Product of the Week - Bibs

These bibs are a must buy purchase for any mum out there who is putting their babies on to solids.

These particular bibs that I buy are from Jojo Maman Website and currently retail at £5 per bib.

Why do I love them? Firstly they catch all the dribbles and spills.  Baby penguin once burped and then spewed....rather a lot.  The bib caught it all without any leaks.  Secondly they are really easy to wash.  I don't put a lot of our melamine bowls in the dishwasher so have to wash up after every meal anyway so the bibs are washed with the bowls and plates then hooked over the tap to dry.  To test  The velcro fasteners do take a bit longer to dry than the rest of the bib but I do have four of these bibs to alternate between! You can also put them in the washing machine.

Thirdly the are really comfortable for babies to wear and they fit really well around their upper bodies.  They even allow my daughter to still suck her toes.  Also they can be folded up and easily put into a bag and taken out to restaurants and on picnics.

And finally their designs are fab.  Very cute and funky for boys and girls alike!

Disclaimer: This is my own personal review and I have received no payment for this post.

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