Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

I could actually copy and paste the post I wrote this time last year as it is exactly how I am feeling right now about new years resolutions!

I've decided I'm not going to make any as I know I won't stick to them instead I'm going to make goals to aim for!

1. Read more than 2 books.  Because that is how many I read in 2013.  Shocking I know but surely I must be able to read at least 3!

2. Stick to our budget.  Unfortunately we rocked up £4k in credit card debt last year.  Fortunately papa penguin got a bonus that just about managed to pay it off.  If he gets the same bonus next year then it would be nicer to treat ourselves or save it than pay off cards.  I admit I'm a bit of a shopaholic at times but we've gone through our incomings and outgoings and we've given ourselves a monthly budget and we are going to stick to it.

3. Get back on myfitnesspal.  This isn't to diet, I hate that work.  As soon as I say that word diet I want to eat more.  Logging my food intake on myfitnesspal really helps me keep track of my eating and helps me spread my snacks throughout the day.  I have a really bad sweet tooth and have worked out that I can fit 4 bourbon biscuits into my daily snack allowance so instead of eating all of them late afternoon when I get the munchies and then wanting more after dinner I'm going have two and then two later.

4. Blog.  I admit I struggled to find the time to blog but new year new words! I'm going to update my Facebook page more and hopefully get some more followers ;)

5. Food. I love to cook and I'm good a meal planning but I get bored cooking the same thing all the time some I'm going to try out a new recipe every week and hopefully blog about it!

6. Me time. I want to crochet more.  I want to read more.  I want to chill more.  With two kids to entertain during the day the only free time I have is in the evenings which is when I squeeze in housework so with a cleaner recently employed (I know not everyone can sort their life out with a cleaner) I'm looking forward to re-organising my life at home for just me!

Happy New Year everyone x

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