Friday, 7 February 2014

Friday's Product of the Week - LimeLite Limescale Remover

I've been using LimeLite mainly in the bathroom for nearly 10 years and I still think it is amazing!

I use LimeLite to remove the white scaly marks from the shower screen, taps and the kitchen sink.

I found it very difficult to photograph the taps to demonstrate how good LimeLite is.  I don't know how the professionals do it but please excuse my reflection.

So how do you use it?  For tough limescale build up keep the flap on the nozzle closed and spray the area a few times.  Leave to soak for a minute then I use an old toothbrush for a good scrub.  Wipe away with a damp cloth and you will soon see amazing results!

For limescale on larger scales such as those evil white marks on your shower screen, keep the flap on the nozzle open and spray.  Make sure the room is well ventilated as it has quite a strong smell. Leave for a few minutes, I usually then clean something else, and then wipe with a damp cloth.  I always go over shower screens with window cleaner for that extra gleam.

Happy Cleaning.

Disclaimer: This is my own personal review and I have received no payment for this post.
Please refer to the packaging or the LimeLite website as there are certain surfaces you can't use this on.

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