Monday, 10 February 2014

Sugar Crash!

Last week I wrote about giving up sugar for two weeks.

Today I am half way through!  And I failed!

Actually my friends and I failed!  I blame them but I'm responsible for what goes into my mouth and I caved!  

Day 1 (Tuesday) was actually ok.  So was day 2.  I did well at playgroups and avoided the biscuits.  By day 3 I was grumpy but Day 4 got easier.  Day 5 (Saturday) was a good test as I babysat a family with 4 kids and I had taken them some smarties.  However they played up a bit I ended up not giving them away which meant they sat in my bag and my willpower pulled through and I didn't cave in!  Sunday (day 6) I got my period and had a kids party.  Party rings and chocolate fingers where laid out in front of me.  I had cramps but I didn't cave.  I was so proud of myself!

Then came today.  A day trip to The Look Out Discovery Centre.  It was cold so my friends bought coffee and a cake for us all.  I had taken a flask of my Clipper White Tea and realised that I didn't have a sugar craving so I put the cake in my bag and decided that if I was going to crash it would be later when I wanted it.

This is one of the reasons I decided to give up sugar.  I need to get out the habit of eating when I don't really want it.  Of course one always wants chocolate and cake however there is that other feeling of not actually thinking about it.  From about 2pm onwards all I do is think about chocolate.  This is another habit I need to grow out of.  To stop thinking about it.   Will that ever happen?  Haha probably not!

Fast forward to this afternoon, we stopped at a garden centre and kids got some ice cream and we had a tea each (earl grey for me) and I ate my cake.  I really enjoyed it!  I mean really enjoyed it.  Every mouthful was amazing.  I usually just stuff cake in my face and don't even think about it.  I had a lemon drizzle slice.  It was moist (I hate that word) and had a crunchy topping.  Pure sugar I know!

I may have crashed but I am not disappointed in myself.  I look at it as a celebration for making it a week.  Something I didn't think I could do. So here's to the need refined sugar free week....lets see how I go!

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