Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Sugar Sugar Sugar!

My name is Lara and I'm addicted to Sugar.
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So I've decided to give up refined sugar for two weeks. Specifically biscuits, chocolate and cake!

Today was my first day and boy did I have some cravings!  But I got through it and I'm really proud of myself!

I'm using My Fitness Pal to log my meal intake and this is how today went...

Usually I would have 10g of sugar on my porridge so I'm really annoyed to find that 2 kiwi's are double the calories and I didn't really enjoy it as much.  So tomorrow I'm going to have honey.

I'm also really annoyed that the mango I had after dinner (instead of a thin bar of dairy milk and 2 chocolate digestives) put me over my sugar allowance.  

Recent news reports have told us that sugar is bad for you.  We all knew that but just how bad is it?  My husband has Type 1 diabetes so sugar is bad for him, yet we still have a lot of it in our household.

It will be interesting to see how I cope over the next two weeks.  Watch out for mood swings!  I'm also intrigued to see if it affects my weight.  My weigh in this morning was 10st 8.5oz.

Watch this space!

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