Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Gallery - Food

The theme for this weeks Gallery over at Sticky Fingers is Food.

I thought about making some specifically for this post but however I decided to go with an old photo.

This is the cake that I made and papa penguin helped decorate for our sons 3rd birthday last year.  I don't think we'll ever make anything as amazing!

Baby penguin had a ladybird cake for her 1st birthday last October and I was pretty impressed with my efforts however I feel like I have to constantly have to compete with myself!  I have 3 months to prepare for my sons 4th birthday!


  1. Lots of time and thought have gone into these

  2. Oh Lara, those are both stunning. I teach cake decorating as my day job, I feel there's loads of pressure on me for my own kids cakes and it's like cobbler's shoes, never enough time for our own!